The Game Center

The Game Center at BattleGrounds is the ultimate gaming experience, that offers a friendly, social and competitive atmosphere allowing kids and teens a place to play the newest video games for the Xbox One and PC. If you're into FPS, MMO or RTS games we have them all. In the Game Center we offer you some of the latest in PC equipment to use while playing and then take home but of course only if you choose to purchase them from our retail center such as our internal nVidia graphics cards, Gaming Keyboards, Mice, Headsets and Intel Processors. Every player in the game center has their own individual station which depending on which platform you choose to play on could include a 23" or bigger monitor, Headset, keyboard & mouse or gaming controller. We're online, so use our GamerTags or download your own to use and play with other people around the world or play locally with gamers right in the store.